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Locally grown organic food delivered to your door!

Location: Store Cool Room 

Beverly & Jason Dougherty

Owners & Operators

Being a cancer survivor for over 20 years has made me shift my perspective on health services and a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to focus on what we use in our everyday lives and how I can improve that for everyone’s benefit. Real Food Hub® is a subscription-based alternative to regular grocery shopping; we source all organic and locally sourced ingredients that you would be using in your day-to-day cooking. One of the biggest factors for an unhealthy lifestyle is convenience – well, we make it health convenient for you! Taking care of your well-being has never been easier with the ability to pick up your groceries in our lobby or have them delivered to your door. We are weekly and year-round and in our 3rd year!

Choose your plan

What is in your weekly Bounty Bag? Your 6-week subscription includes 7 to 9 items every week, always including fruit and chosen for rainbow produce colors on the food wheel.  Recipes are included using the BB ingredients for that week. 

1 Person Subscription

$ 31
  • subscription period is for 6 weeks

2 Persons Subscription

$ 44
  • subscription period is for 6 weeks

Why Us?

Customer Service

At the root of our business are experienced individuals who are more than willing to help and offer their assistance

Local Growers

Every resource available to us is available to you! We purchase from local growers

Fresh Produce

There is one unifying factor about our produce that is our freshness within every produce. We have the freshest produce available for you


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